How To Propose A Session

How do I propose?
When do I propose?
What do I propose?

How do I propose a session?

Once your registration is approved, you will receive access to the THATCamp website by email.

1. log in. Click on Posts –> Add New.

2.  Type or copy and paste your session proposal.

3.  Click publish.

Your proposal will appear on the “Proposals” page of this site.  All participants will be able to read and comment on proposals before THATCamp.   The morning of the event, all participants will vote on proposals, possibly submit new ones, and together create a schedule.

Facilitate the session you propose

You are expected to facilitate any session you propose.  For example, if you propose a workshop, be prepared to teach it or find a teacher; if you propose a discussion, be prepared to moderate it.  Have a session idea, but lack expertise?  Use this website to tap into the community of participants to find a expert.

When do I propose a session?

Publish your session proposal on the THATCamp website as early as you like, but most participants post the week before THATCamp begins. It’s good to check the THATCamp site frequently the week before to view and write comments on session proposals. You can also propose a last-minute idea to participants at THATCamp during the morning scheduling session.

Why are sessions proposed this way?

Proposing sessions just before THATCamp and building a schedule during the first session of  THATCamp ensures that sessions are informal, topics are current, and sessions are collaborative.  See the THATCamp About page for more information on the philosophy of unconferences.

What do I propose?

THATCamp usually features four session types, although some sessions combine these:

Talk: lead a group discussion on a topic or question.
Make: lead a small group in a hands-on, collaborative session to produce something.
Teach: offer to teach a skill.
Play: anything goes — you could play a game, play with one or more technology, or just do something fun or original.

Talk session examples

Make session examples

Teach session examples

Play session examples


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